Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Decoupage with my Roses Lesson

Using a few found object can make a beautiful vanity set
Click on black screen to view lesson.

This is how I decoupage
my Flea Market finds Lesson
I painted these roses and sell them on a CD
You may print out as many as you need and sell the shabby items you make.

I wish you much succes!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Custom Painted or Decoupage Furniture

 Custom Painting
White on White Cottage Furniture

This is a piece a shop owner brought over for me to paint.  As a vintage furniture painter
I often get calls from antique and consignment shop to paint pieces that
have not sold. I give them a romantic fresh look.

Many times to save money they paint the base coat.  On this piece the base coat is Ben Moore Linen White. I added the shabby florals and bright white accent color.

I charge a flat hourly fee. (If you have seen my you tube Kathryn Bangs you can see how fast I paint) That way the shop owner can bring me a bunch of pieces and in a short period of time they have a new collection for there shop or website.

Shabby Roses Success Story.
I once painted a vintage vanity for a shop just outside of Boston. This vanity had sat in the shop for months the cost was only $50.00 but still it had no takers. I painted it a beautiful yellow added some white stripe and blue roses. I came out very pretty.
That piece sold within the week for $600.00... Romantic pretty is always in style.

If you'd like to paint or decoupage furniture for sale or like myself offer a service to shops
A Hydrangea lesson is available on my web site

Yes, I am available to paint Shabby Florals on your furniture
Custom orders are always welcomed
Call Kate Bangs  603-505-0937

Monday, November 5, 2012

How To Decoupage a Vintage Serenity Prayer Pendant
Simple to make and beautiful to wear or sell

 Dramatic Romantic Vintage Jewelry with Loving Messages 

Free Lesson

Decoupage Serenity Domino Pendant Jewelry

Make your own vintage inspired Domino Size Serenity Pendants.
I love making these beautiful inspirational charm necklaces.
I often give them as gifts or to sell.
I get lots of smiles, so will you.

This digital collage sheet measures 4" x 6"
Click on the Sheet above and save to your computer 

Here is how I make mine. 
Print out using 4" x 6" glossy photo paper
Cut out images and glue on domino cube. 
To hang, glue a bead at the top 

Modge Podge Glue
Jewelry Glue
Photo Paper
Silken Cord

Glues and dominos can be purchased at your local craft store

Decoupage A Mason Jar Lid Lesson

Shown above with home made marmalade
but they are just as pretty with empty jar

Mason Jars are not just for Canning anymore. 
Just use empty mason jar with a butterfly or Bird lid 
and create this set of pretty prepper storage jars
It's easy and simply.

Use your vintage inspire decoupage jars for your kitchen, office or on your bedroom vanity.

The jars are inexpensive and you can get a whole box of them at your local Walmart.
You can also purchase them at flea markets yards or you may just recycle some you already own.

To make these jars I use the vintage canning labels sheets I made  
Shown here. They feature beautiful vintage butterflies and bird copy right free images from  with postcard backgounds early 1900's. 

Oval labels are sold blank so you can print or write in your own information

PURCHASE 3 Sheets and Get FREE 4th Sheet

Each sheet is only 3.00 they can be purchase on my website
They are sent to your email after purchase and you can print as many as you need.

Beautiful and inexpensive 
Yes, you can sell items using these labels.

Thanks for looking