Thursday, October 11, 2012

Make A Vintage Altered Witch Framed Photograph

Happy Halloween

Vintage Witch Photograph

It's time to gather some friends and create Bewitching Art

 We will use a few simple steps to cast this Magical Art Spell

Frames from the dollar store. The more ornate the better.

To age frame rub with Black acrylic 2 oz. paint from the local craft store


Below you will find The 2 Altered witches photographs. Copy and save image to your computer and print as many as you need. You can also re size if needed to fit your frame.

Cut out the red witch and bats.

Tape to the background.

Place in black painted frame

Your done
The best art projects are often the simplest!


 I used a page from and old note book above . But I like this even better.
This is a page from the A Salem Witch Trials.
 Use this as a background. 
Halloween Fun!

For background band cut a line from this vintage postcard

Have some fun
 Create a set of witches, mix it up add your own accents or simple frame the vintage with photo



         Hope you enjoyed this lesson.

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