Friday, September 30, 2011

Decoupage a Vintage Witch Halloween Photo

Pumpkin Witch by Collage Sheet Girl

Celebrate the Season with Halloween Photo Decoupage
It's quirky, fun and just plain silly

  • Find an old vintage photo, the grungier the better. This will give your project a creepy Halloween look and feel.
  • Don't use the original, make a copy of the print.
  • Purchase sticker paper found at your local office supply store.
  • Using the sticker paper, create a page of hand drawn elements using a fine tip marker.
  • Draw cartoony pumpkins, wands and witch hats.
  • Cut out your elements.
  • Peel off the sticky backing and place.
  • Finally, you can frame your finished photo with an old ornate frame or a simple frame painted black.

Have fun with this project and if you like it, please leave a comment.

Thanks for looking!
Kate / Collage Sheet Girl

Friday, September 9, 2011

Making and Selling Decoupage Jars

Decoupage Jars
Recycled Jar Art

I have so many people interested in decoupage lessons I just copied this from my web site to share. if you like this please follow  this blog.  Because i will be adding more soon.
I love jars. I never throw them away. I alway re-purpose them using my images and adding a little paint and old jewelry. I use them for storage, give them as gifts, or sell them.

It is very green to recycle and it is very fun to make a little green while you are doing it.

Here Is How I recycle My Jars

I clean my jars and lids in the washer

I remove my labels under hot running water and use Goo Gone to get rid of the sticky residue.

If I am going to paint my lid I either use metal paint 2 oz. tubes I purchase at the craft store or I prime my lid with Kilz Primer and paint let that dry then paint my color.

Before I apply my image, I clean the outside of my jar again with rubbing alcohol to remove any grease.

I apply my image following the How To Make Stickers tutorial.

Or print out image using sticky paper and cover with clear contact paper to protect it.

To paint gold swirls, I use fabric paints in a tube found at the craft store.

I apply Swarovski Crystals right to the gold paint

 Here is am example of using vintage jewelry on a decoupage jar. 
This is so sparkling pretty!

To add vintage rhinestone jewelry like I did in the witches Brew Jar, I use a glue called E-6000 That can be found at Home Depot or any craft store.

Pricing Your Re-Purposed Jars

Many people ask me how I price my jars. The jars are basically free but for the sake of pricing I use the cost of the item plus supplies x 3 plus a little extra.

The Witches Brew  jar was once  strawbeery jam that cost $2.00 plus supplies of a vintage diamond necklace that cost 50 cents purchased at the flea market.

That's $2.50 x 3 = $7.50 plus I added $1.00  The price of the Witches Brew Jar is $8.50  

That means not only do I get my jam for free while helping the environment, I also make money to buy more jam.

It is good to have  variety of sizes and prices if you are selling jars.

Good luck with your Jar Art

Kate Bangs /

Super Close-up....   This is awesome because you can see all the details. 
It not perfect it just handmade goodness!  Haa Haa

I spray primed this lid with Kilz and then painted it a Girly soft pink.

Vintage Roses Labels Digital Collage Sheet-collage sheet, rose, labels, sugar, supplies,

Would you like to make your own Rose Jars.
Here is the collage sheet link below. 

How To Make Decoupage Domino Pendants with Vintage Halloween Photographs


 Decoupage Pendants are bewitchingly fun to make!  I will glady share with you how I make my Halloween pendants. You can embellish yours with glued on jewels to give it that extra sparkle and make it your own one of a kind piece.

 Easy Instructions to Make Halloween Pendant Jewelry

1. Print out digital collage sheet using glossy photo paper. Cut out images.
2. Paint a layer of Mod Podge glue on the Domino.
3. Press the image firmly on the surface making sure there are no bubbles.
4. Add top coat of Mod Podge to seal your pendant.
5. Glue on Jewelry bale (found at your local bead store) String 16 "silken cord though bale.

Wear and enjoy! 
Thanks Kate

I sell many vintage halloween digital collage sheets in my store. Here is a link to the Grungy Witch photos sheet. I still need to add the Witches Brew.