Monday, December 17, 2012

 How to be a Pretty Prepper
 Blank Pretty Prepper Food Storage Labels 

I love canning, drying and storing food that I grow or purchase from the Boston HayMarket on the weekends. 
It feels great to prepare and store healthy whole foods for my family and for the future.

I love everything about it except it is kinda ugly.

 I am a women and I naturally like to make my home and everything in it comforable and beautiful.

Now my jars look so pretty I have trouble keepng my family from eating them or  myself giving them as gifts.

So I have to extra when I store.
Oh my! What a great problem for a pretty prepper to have

Pretty Prepper Vintage Inspird Label Set on CD
To purchase Labels set on CD

below you can see how I customize 

Here is the vintage inspire Blank label set

I especially love the tops

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