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Making and Selling Decoupage Jars

Decoupage Jars
Recycled Jar Art

I have so many people interested in decoupage lessons I just copied this from my web site to share. if you like this please follow  this blog.  Because i will be adding more soon.
I love jars. I never throw them away. I alway re-purpose them using my images and adding a little paint and old jewelry. I use them for storage, give them as gifts, or sell them.

It is very green to recycle and it is very fun to make a little green while you are doing it.

Here Is How I recycle My Jars

I clean my jars and lids in the washer

I remove my labels under hot running water and use Goo Gone to get rid of the sticky residue.

If I am going to paint my lid I either use metal paint 2 oz. tubes I purchase at the craft store or I prime my lid with Kilz Primer and paint let that dry then paint my color.

Before I apply my image, I clean the outside of my jar again with rubbing alcohol to remove any grease.

I apply my image following the How To Make Stickers tutorial.

Or print out image using sticky paper and cover with clear contact paper to protect it.

To paint gold swirls, I use fabric paints in a tube found at the craft store.

I apply Swarovski Crystals right to the gold paint

 Here is am example of using vintage jewelry on a decoupage jar. 
This is so sparkling pretty!

To add vintage rhinestone jewelry like I did in the witches Brew Jar, I use a glue called E-6000 That can be found at Home Depot or any craft store.

Pricing Your Re-Purposed Jars

Many people ask me how I price my jars. The jars are basically free but for the sake of pricing I use the cost of the item plus supplies x 3 plus a little extra.

The Witches Brew  jar was once  strawbeery jam that cost $2.00 plus supplies of a vintage diamond necklace that cost 50 cents purchased at the flea market.

That's $2.50 x 3 = $7.50 plus I added $1.00  The price of the Witches Brew Jar is $8.50  

That means not only do I get my jam for free while helping the environment, I also make money to buy more jam.

It is good to have  variety of sizes and prices if you are selling jars.

Good luck with your Jar Art

Kate Bangs /

Super Close-up....   This is awesome because you can see all the details. 
It not perfect it just handmade goodness!  Haa Haa

I spray primed this lid with Kilz and then painted it a Girly soft pink.

Vintage Roses Labels Digital Collage Sheet-collage sheet, rose, labels, sugar, supplies,

Would you like to make your own Rose Jars.
Here is the collage sheet link below. 

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