Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Art of the Bigger Sale - Use Beautiful Tags

Ziegfeld Girls Toile Scrapbooking Tags-tags, collage,sheets, feminine, paris, toile, eiffel tower, digital, printable vintage papers, ziegfeld, kate bangs, new hampshire, pink, brown
When selling vintage or handmade items, don't use any old generic sticker, use your own unique beautiful tag and you can increase your sales. I designed this digital tag with bold colors and striking images. It draws customers in to take a closer look and best of all, it's a digital sheet so you can print as many as you need; whenever you need.

Here are some very good reasons to have beautiful price tags:
1. Your tag is part of your brand and when people see it they know it is your product. It tells customers you care about your product and it sets you apart from other sellers.
2. They are little pieces of art. I always remember the artisans and their products when I see a beautiful tag.
3. A tag is tactile. People love to touch things when they shop.
4. Your tag gives information about your business, services, and products. 

Here's a great tip:
An artisan once told me she gets a large chunk of her business from one simple line she write on her tag - Custom Orders Welcomed 


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